Your company has many stakeholders – shareholders, board members, executives, employees, customers, and communities. How can strategic philanthropy achieve social impact while also helping to engage your employees, build reputation, enhance your brand, and further other business goals? Whether your market is domestic or multinational, we can help you strategically direct your company’s philanthropic resources in ways that will achieve social impact and align with corporate goals and priorities.

We understand the complexities of corporate philanthropy. We know that when companies align their philanthropic goals with their business goals, they invest more deeply in work that produces positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

Corporations hire TPI to build, grow, and evolve corporate philanthropy programs and initiatives. We serve as thought partner, visionary, subject matter expert, and resource for program design and management. Through strategic planning, executive services, innovative program design and implementation, in-depth research, grants management, and evaluation services, we'll help your company achieve measurable philanthropic goals that align with business priorities.

We can help your company:

  • Launch a new foundation, corporate giving program, DAF, or community involvement strategy and structure
  • Develop a strategic plan for the company’s philanthropy and community involvement efforts
  • Create a signature initiative to take leadership on an issue
  • Identify opportunities to leverage philanthropic investments and engage key stakeholders
  • Create strategic partnerships
  • Structure community programs to engage employees and customers more effectively
  • Strengthen existing programs through needs or impact assessments
  • Monitor and evaluate philanthropic programs
  • Create a culture of engagement by designing and implementing strategies to support giving and volunteering by employees and executives