Research & Program Design

Do you know what type of impact you want to achieve, but not how to get there? We conduct research to help our clients identify unmet needs, gaps, and funding opportunities. This research informs our work in designing high-impact programs that turn ideas into action: grants programs, scholarship and college success programs, signature initiatives, and other high-impact philanthropic strategies.

Do you have a broad vision you'd like to refine, or a clear vision you need help putting into action? What social issues concern you the most, and what kind of impact do you want to achieve? Do you want to research current programs for low-income youth in your community, establish a signature program that demonstrates your company's social responsibility, expand evidence-based healthcare models, or seed new ideas for revitalizing neighborhoods? Whatever your goals, our research and program design services turn your vision and values from ideas into thoughtful, high-impact initiatives that facilitate bold action and unparalleled results.