Just Money - A Critique of Contemporary American Philanthropy

Strategic Philanthropy
Strategic Philanthropy

Just Money - A Critique of Contemporary American Philanthropy captures the wisdom of a generation of philanthropic leaders and inspires readers to consider their own action in the world. It's a candid book of lessons gained (sometimes the hard way) and a guide for the future.

"A mesmerizing text. The authors address vital issues of accountability, transparency, ethics and content. As we enter an even more complicated period of scrutiny for the philanthropic community, all of us can be grateful for the creative thinking and clear writing that permeates this essential volume." -Barry Munitz, President and CEO,J. Paul Getty Trust

Joining TPI's Peter Karoff, the authors share their stories and reflect on the challenges they have faced leading ten of America's most influential foundations into a new epoch. They include: Michele Courton Brown; Dennis Collins, David Ford, Joel Fleishman, Peter Goldmark, Anna Faith Jones, Scott McVay, Steven Schroeder, Bruce Sievers, and Adele Simmons.

"To give effectively we probably need to ask ourselves two questions every day. What has philanthropy become…and what can it be. This stimulating and thought-provoking book will help you find your own answers to those essential questions. And your answers may surprise you." - Alan Alda, director, writer, actor, foundation board member

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