The Gifted Giver

There is a 'gifted giver' who in addition to money, ideas, technical assistance, advice and counsel, brings a certain attitude, a way of doing business, that adds untold value and meaning to the transaction. The 'gifted giver' has the instinct that transcends the substance of the gift and in so doing becomes a catalyst for transformation. A 'gifted giver' comes in many colors and hues; here are some of the transcendent gifts he or she may bring.

A gift of energy

An act of generosity is a kind of transaction. Someone once said there are two types of people in a meeting, those who bring energy into the room and those who take it out. The 'gifted giver' is one who brings a charge into the gift transaction as opposed to draining the energy out of it.

A gift of truth telling

Giving can look like a dance or a charade, where the parties pander and handle one another, are secretive, and lack the candor and the confidence to push back, to tolerate ambiguity, to tell the truth. The 'gifted giver' understands that philanthropy is a little bit like exercise, if it isn't uncomfortable, it isn't doing the job.

A gift of respect

Charity can be a disguise for gaining personal or social control, and behind the kindly donor is too often an oppressor. There is no greater sign of disrespect than to abuse a position of power and the giver has the power. One of the biggest forms of respect is listening and the 'gifted giver' is first and foremost a listener.

A gift of love

Love, so difficult to define, is the greatest motivator; it can transform, inspire, and by building confidence and self-worth make all things, even very difficult things, seem possible. A gift in the spirit of love is the most powerful way of saying, 'I believe in you!' Love from a 'gifted giver' is not soft - it is hard like a diamond.

A gift of justice

One view of justice is that it is nothing less than love distributed across a community or a society. Justice, whether within the rule of law, or as a doctrine of fairness, speaks to the larger issues of the human condition, those of access to economic and social opportunity. This view of justice is non-ideological; the 'gifted giver' is passionate about justice.

A gift of opportunity

There is an amazing amount of socially motivated leadership with great ideas, energy, political and street smarts, and potential of all sorts champing at the bit, hoping against hope that somehow, through some miracle, they can get a shot at realization. The 'gifted giver' has antennae up for such things, eye open to the potential of excellence, wherever it lies.

A gift of high expectations

Like metal to a magnet, we rise to high expectations. They push us to be the best that we can be. They encourage us to dream bigger dreams, and make us more disciplined, more thoughtful, more focused on results. The ‘gifted giver’ provides the challenge and the resources to encourage and nurture high expectations.

A gift of courage

We are all afraid of acts of terrorism, of a world in turmoil, we are afraid for our selves and for our children. We are afraid of the ‘dark side,’ of the ‘Orks,’ of the ‘beast.’ A 'gifted giver' stands with those who stand up for what they believe is right, those with their backs against the wall, those who refuse to give in to fear.

Are you a 'gifted giver'?