TPI's Remmer and Karoff featured in Town&Country article and book

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

TPI President and CEO Ellen Remmer is featured in Town&County’s new book “ The Guide to Intelligent Giving” as well as “Teach Your Children Well”, and article in June’s Special Philanthropy edition of the magazine.

Writer Joanna Krotz’s calls on Remmer for ways to foster the philanthropy buzz within your children. “I wanted my kids to learn about making a good grant…not necessarily to find the most important issue in the world to help” says Remmer, in both the book and the article. She discusses how developing a model to follow throughout life is more important than choosing recipients of children’s inaugural grants.   “I had to keep reminding myself that it was about developing a template for good giving” says Remmer about how her children eventually chose to split their first grant between two organizations.

In Krotz’s book, Remmer is joined by TPI founder and chairman, Peter Karoff. Karoff provides his philanthropic insights on how today’s philanthropists need to look at the bigger picture before giving and how their philanthropy can and will have an impact on society. “Donors want to do something that really helps the organization or issue get where it wants to go” says Karoff. He also discusses the value in using advisors to figure out how giving can achieve the intended impact. Both Remmer and Karoff acknowledge donor advising as a key component of giving well.

To read the full article pick up the June issue of Town & Country on stands now or download the PDF : Town&Country article

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