TPI hosts delegation of Chinese philanthropic leaders

Friday, April 15, 2011

For the second year, TPI hosted a delegation of Chinese philanthropic leaders through the US-China Foundation Leadership Program (FLEP), a program sponsored by Mercy Corps and the China Private Foundation Development Forum with support from the Ford Foundation.  FLEP is a follow up program to the successful 2009 visit that brought leaders from Chinese private foundations to Boston, New York and San Francisco to attend meetings with representatives and policy experts at prominent foundations and institutions in the U.S.

Since changes to foundation regulations in China in 2004, the number of Chinese private foundations throughout the country has increased rapidly.  However, private foundations continue to face all kinds of challenges such as governance, strategy development and management issues including program, finance, human resources, asset issues, and communications.  FLEP aims to help Chinese philanthropy leaders address some of these challenges to allow private foundations in China to continue to prosper in a strong and healthy way.  Longer term outcomes of the program include: improving Chinese foundation leadership and management capabilities; promotion of participation and cooperation of Chinese foundations in the development of the third sector; and an increase in the scale and impact of charitable foundation exchanges between the US and China.

The focus of this year’s roundtable in Boston was the role of corporate philanthropy and corporate social responsibility in the US and China.  Sixteen delegates representing a variety of organizations from the north and south of China took part in the discussions.  In addition to Boston, the delegation also visited Washington DC, New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco during its US tour.