2009 BNF Winner Bill Willis Produces First Feature Film

Monday, April 4, 2011

Bill Willis, a Boston Police Officer and one of the recipients of the 2009 Boston Neighborhood Fellows Award has produced his first feature film through Positive Image Films in association with Beyond Measure Productions.  The film will have its first public showing at this year’s Boston International Film Festival on Saturday, April 16th.

The Last Shot, follows the “Lewis” family, a family determined to succeed despite trying circumstances. Set amongst turbulent city streets, The Last Shot is a glimpse into the lives of an average American family blessed with children of extraordinary talent. Although their love for one another is undeniable, love does not conquer all and when that reality is made plain the family must face their fate and fears head on – without losing the faith that caused them to believe in the first place.

In addition to serving with the Boston Police Department for the last 25 years, Bill Willis has worked as a youth counselor at the Roxbury Boys and Girls Club, the South End Boys Club, the Denison House and the Hawthorne Youth and Community Center.  The 2009 BNF Award recognized Willis for his anti-violence work with youth and his documentary, Shot in the Hood, which interviewed residents of Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan to try and uncover what drives so many young people toward violence and how the pattern might be stopped.  

The Last Shot will premiere at the AMC/LOWES Boston Common Theater at 3:00pm during Session 4 of the Boston International Film Festival.  For tickets and information, click here.