Adventures in Giving

Ellen Remmer
Strategic Philanthropy
Monday, June 22, 2015

How do you learn how to be an effective donor? What if you could just take a pill, or a quiz, and learn all that you needed to know to make sure your gifts were deployed wisely, strategically and efficiently?

The new Adventures in Giving tool doesn’t quite do all that, but it is a unique and interactive new resource that allows donors to reflect on their giving, define their philanthropic goals, explore different approaches to giving, and learn about how to make their giving more effective. And with just 14 questions to answer, donors who have tried it say it’s even fun to do!

TPI worked in collaboration with Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, Community Foundation of Sarasota County, and the Boston Foundation to create this tool, based on the Donor Education Principles and Practices developed by a learning community of donor educators and advisors called the Donor Effectiveness Network (DEN). The learning community and this tool were generously supported by a William and Flora Hewlett Foundation grant, along with the volunteer contributions of its collaborators.

We hope that community foundations around the country find Adventures in Giving to be a useful tool to engage both new and experienced donors in a conversation about their giving and how donor support staff can help them to become even more effective. Version 1.0 will be offered to any community foundation absolutely free of charge - simply use the link below.

We look forward to seeing if there is widespread interest in continuing to maintain and strengthen the tool going forward. Please contact us if you like Adventures in Giving and find it useful, have suggestions for improving it, and/or want to be part of a group of foundations using tools like this to support donor education. We want to hear from you!

UPDATE: Adventures in Giving is no longer available to the public online. If you would like more information about the tool or this project, or if you are interested in getting support in engaging donors through strategic community foundation activities, please contact Ellen Remmer, Senior Partner at eremmer [at]

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