Kristen Whelan

Kristen Whelan

Kristen Whelan works with corporations, individual donors, and family foundations to increase the impact of their giving through the design, implementation, and evaluation of philanthropic strategies and initiatives. Specific efforts include creation of a grants program to improve reading skills; development and management of a youth-focused initiative for a family foundation resulting in multi-year grants to after-school and mentoring programs in Boston; and design of a contemporary music fund to promote the proliferation and awareness of classical music composed within the 20 years. 

Kristen works closely with family foundations and individuals to explore their interests and structure grantmaking partnerships. She also works with a variety of donors to create scholarship programs designed to ensure student success. She has worked with corporations to design, manage and train employees involved in corporate giving and volunteering programs.

Kristen has a Master's degree from the Department of Urban and Environmental Policy at Tufts University, where she wrote her thesis on the benefits of strategic and integrated corporate giving programs. Prior to joining TPI in 1998, she worked in a number of nonprofit organizations including Planned Parenthood Clinic of Greater Boston, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and Oxfam America. Kristen received her Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Psychology at Bennington College.