Professional Advisors

Professional Advisors

As a professional advisor, you’re in a unique position to play a critical role in helping your clients think through and act on their charitable interests and goals. Your ability to have conversations clients find interesting and personally meaningful can produce a triple win for your clients, your business and society at large. We can prep you for that exchange.

Do you prefer to refer?

We’ll work directly with your clients, help them use their values and vision to find focus and then get smart about the social and environmental issues they care most about. Of course, you’re welcome to participate at whatever level you’d like.

Do you want to keep it in-house?

We’ll train you and your colleagues to incorporate philanthropy into your firm’s practice. We offer in-house workshops to build your knowledge of best practices, emerging trends, strategic philanthropic planning, and to illustrate how using philanthropy helps you connect with prospects.

The Triple Win

When your clients believe they’ve made effective and satisfying financial choices, they’ll feel good about you too. With TPI on your advising team, your clients will succeed in making the impact they desire on issues that matter to them. That's good business for you and a win for society too.