Strategic Philanthropy

Observations from the Field

Mar 07, 2017
By Vikki Spruill, Council on Foundations This post originally appeared on the Council on Foundation’s blog (February 13, 2017). --- Over the past several months, Council staff have held conversations...Read more ›

On the Sociology of Wealth

Apr 06, 2016
The wealthy are caught in the high-beam headlights of toxic rhetoric around equity, inequality, greed, power, excessive affluence, and influence of the wealthiest 1%, and the anger these issues have...Read more ›
Key Considerations for Planning and Managing a Significant Increase in Giving

This guide is designed to help foundations thoughtfully and responsibly plan for a significant ramp up in giving and/or adjust to a sudden infusion of assets. Drawing on the experiences of a number of foundations that have undergone this transition, the primer addresses key considerations for...


Winning Philanthropy

Oct 22, 2015
Prize philanthropy – giving financial awards to “winning” recipients – has long been used by those in the private and public sectors as a means to create and inspire positive change in society. And...Read more ›


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