Family Philanthropy

New Voices, Old Norms

Jul 14, 2011
By Amy Ellsworth and Lisa Spalding We have all seen this scenario. A foundation board of directors has been intact for a long time. This long-standing group has accumulated a set of comfortable norms...Read more ›

Not your Father’s Foundation

Oct 15, 2010
Same old… Same old… That’s what I figured I’d see at ASF’s conference this week. Sure, there would be those perennial and thorny issues faced by highly engaged family foundations from all the years I...Read more ›

Personal Dreams Go Public

Aug 06, 2010
The letters are up! Forty billionaires agreed to post their "pledges" to donate at least half their wealth to philanthropy on the Giving Pledge website today. The letters are really quite lovely,...Read more ›

Community Leadership for Deeper Impact

Jun 24, 2010
With challenges increasing for communities, it’s exciting to see the ways in which community foundations express their leadership. I had the opportunity in early May to witness and be part of work...Read more ›

Leadership in Family Philanthropy

May 06, 2010
Family foundations – they embody both the best and the worst of philanthropy. I have been a passionate missionary for family philanthropy for nearly 20 years, stemming from both my positive...Read more ›
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