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Are You Taking the Long View?

Mar 20, 2014
Failing to plan is planning to fail. Undoubtedly you’ve heard that quote before and it’s certainly something that many foundations have in mind when thinking about the future. On the other hand, the...Read more ›

New Voices, Old Norms

Jul 14, 2011
By Amy Ellsworth and Lisa Spalding We have all seen this scenario. A foundation board of directors has been intact for a long time. This long-standing group has accumulated a set of comfortable norms...Read more ›

Not your Father’s Foundation

Oct 15, 2010
Same old… Same old… That’s what I figured I’d see at ASF’s conference this week. Sure, there would be those perennial and thorny issues faced by highly engaged family foundations from all the years I...Read more ›

Highlighting the "Why?" of Donor Intent

Aug 18, 2010
My father was an entrepreneur who in the 1980s created a small family foundation to which he named my three siblings and me the successor trustees. Although we knew about the foundation and he had...Read more ›

Leadership in Family Philanthropy

May 06, 2010
Family foundations – they embody both the best and the worst of philanthropy. I have been a passionate missionary for family philanthropy for nearly 20 years, stemming from both my positive...Read more ›
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