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Art Renewal for Teachers (ART) program

Art Project Breathes New Life into New Orleans Teacher’s Creative Soul

As an artist and art teacher at Simsbury’s (CT) Henry James Memorial School, Paul Kulikowski has produced art in a wide variety of media, but none will likely have the social or emotional impact as the images he created in New Orleans this summer. His trip was funded by a grant from the Art Renewal for Teachers (ART) Program.

Read the full story, published by the Connecticut Education Association

ART Book

ART program

The ART program has been documented in a book that showcases some of the work produced by grantees.

Since 2000, the Art Renewal for Teachers (ART) Program has provided support to 97 art teachers in public and private schools throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut. The program, which is supported by an anonymous donor, gives grants to selected art teachers to spend the summer renewing themselves as artists.

These artist/teachers have pursued a variety of summer projects, including travel to other countries to immerse themselves in the local culture and art, constructing home studios, taking courses, and purchasing special equipment. Some ART grantees have also received a second grant to implement interdisciplinary art programs at their schools that build on their summer experiences. The ART program also sponsors regular opportunities for grantees to visit regional art museums and share their experiences and art work with one another.

The ART Program has been suspended for 2009-10. When the program does resume, information will be posted here.

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