Red Pine Scholarship

The Red Pine Scholarship offers high-performing high school seniors and recent graduates from Massachusetts the chance to attend competitive colleges anywhere in the United States. If you’re accepted into the program, you’ll receive a four-year scholarship of up to $20,000 annually, plus individual mentoring, and funding for enrichment opportunities. 

Applications for the 2016-17 Red Pine Scholarship are due February 12, 2016. Only complete applications submitted online will be considered. Please make sure that you are eligible for the scholarship by reviewing the 2016-17 Guidelines and Eligibility Requirements.

To apply for the Red Pine Scholarship please click here.

To preview a blank Red Pine Scholarship application please click here.

The following materials are required for the scholarship committee to evaluate each student. Only complete applications submitted online will be considered.

  • Additional Information Form
  • Teacher/Counselor Recommendation Form (to be filled out by a teacher or guidance counselor)
  • General Recommendation Form (to be filled out by a teacher, work supervisor, community leader, coach, or any other non-family member who knows you well)
  • Most recent high school transcript
  • Pages 1 and 2 of parent(s)’ most recent IRS 1040 tax forms (if filed)
  • Complete Student Aid Report (SAR) from FAFSA. This document will be approximately five pages long. You must submit the ENTIRE document. File your FAFSA as early as possible and online as it is quicker and easier and there is less of a chance of mistakes. Make sure you and your parents have pin numbers so you will be able to complete and access your SAR as soon as it is available. Your EFC is the amount, determined by the federal government, that you and your family should be able to contribute to you college education annually. Schools use this figure and other financial information to determine what kind of award and loan amounts you will receive. The FAFSA website is

Questions may be directed to Sarah Young at redpine [at] tpi [dot] org or (617) 338-2694.