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Family Philanthropy

Client Impact: Family Philanthropy

TPI has supported hundreds of families in their quest to develop effective and rewarding family giving enterprises. The following are just a few examples:

TPI works with families to help them make their philanthropy highly effective and strategic, as well as a deeply rewarding shared enterprise.

Effective Philanthropy

In TPI's experience, effective family philanthropy typically incorporates the following principles:

  • Philanthropic gifts reflect the family's highest values, greatest interests and deepest passions
  • There is a focus to much of the giving – be it a specific issue, population, place or type of gift – to maximize knowledge
  • It builds on the experience, lessons learned and due diligence of others
  • It looks for leverage to enhance impact
  • While the giving is guided by a plan, it retains sufficient flexibility to respond to unexpected opportunities
  • It is unafraid to think big and risk occasional failure
  • It keeps a vigilant eye on desired outcomes and results, and is structured to learn from both positive and negative experiences
  • Grant recipients are viewed as partners.

Rewarding Family Experience

The potential rewards of a family giving enterprise are extraordinary. Some of the benefits and rewards that our clients have experienced include the following:

  • A chance to express and act upon the family's shared values
  • An opportunity to strengthen and pass on a family legacy
  • Deepened connection to each other and the outside world
  • An intergenerational common ground
  • A venue to learn about the meaning and responsibilities of wealth
  • A challenge to make a significant difference in the world
  • An odyssey of shared learning about the world and each other.

Working with Families

TPI may work with families as their professional staff, as adjuncts to their staff, or on a project basis. Examples of how our family clients use TPI's counsel and support include:

  • When first launching a family giving enterprise to help the family develop a giving plan, set up a governance and operating structure, and generally get off to a good start
  • At critical transitions – e.g.. bringing the next generation into the family giving, upon the death of the donor, etc.
  • When the family is ready to refresh and refine their giving strategy, or is interested in developing a new strategic giving initiative
  • As ongoing professional staff to manage the family's strategic giving program as well as handle all back-office administrative functions
  • As coach for family members who are preparing to take on the responsibilities for the family philanthropy
  • As facilitator for family retreats.

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