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Corporate Philanthropy

Client Impact: Corporate Philanthropy

TPI has helped many companies become more strategic in their corporate philanthropy efforts:

CVS Innovations Grants

For over a decade, the CVS Innovations Grants Program provided support to schools in 11 states and D.C. for locally-based school initiatives aimed at improving learning opportunities for all students. The decision to sponsor a school improvement initiative grew out of a strategic planning process that TPI facilitated for the Corporation.

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Download CVS Innovations: A Decade of Voices

Since TPI’s start-up in 1989, we have been called on by companies to create high-impact philanthropic strategies.  Our corporate clients are serious about how their philanthropy can benefit all of their stakeholders, reflect the vision and values of the corporation, and have the most positive impact on society. Many also look for creative ways to involve employees and leverage resources throughout the company.

We firmly believe that corporate philanthropy can have a real impact on critical social issues and community needs, while at the same time furthering corporate goals – as our clients continually demonstrate.  Thoughtful and creative philanthropic strategies can support human resource development needs, strengthen marketing efforts, and enhance a company’s public image.

TPI offers a range of services to corporations seeking help with strategic planning; programmatic research, design, and implementation of philanthropic initiatives; evaluation and refining/revamping strategies; or other issues relating to corporate social responsibility and philanthropic goals.

Creating a corporate giving strategy starts with an exploration of the company's values, goals and challenges. TPI typically begins the process with a series of interviews with corporate executives and other key stakeholders. 

Questions often start with the basics: 

  • What are your company’s core values?
  • Why does your company invest in and care about the community?
  • What difference does your company want to make in the world where you live, work and do business?

To obtain additional input, we sometimes conduct focus groups and employee surveys, as well as external research on social issues and communities of interest to the company. The planning process is usually an iterative one that may involve a series of planning meetings with key stakeholders, and result in a philanthropic strategy that makes a difference and is aligned with the corporate mission and business objectives.

Whether a company is creating a philanthropic plan or corporate foundation for the first time, re-evaluating its current strategy, or looking for ways to enhance its impact, TPI can help:

  • Develop a framework for strategic review 
  • Obtain input from key stakeholders through interviews, surveys or focus groups
  • Conduct research and analysis of issues, community needs, and promising approaches
  • Conduct benchmarking research
  • Design a strategic philanthropic plan and structure, incorporating stakeholder priorities and other input
  • Design and implement signature initiatives targeting social issues or community needs
  • Engage employees in volunteering and community involvement
  • Leverage other corporate assets such as in-kind donations and technical and managerial expertise
  • Monitor and evaluate results
  • Revisit and refine strategies

Many companies also seek help with grantmaking, community relations, and other corporate social responsibility needs. TPI can also help:

  • Create an RFP process, write guidelines, monitor progress, screen proposals
  • Do the due diligence on proposals, including proposal review, site visits, meetings with grant applicants
  • Train staff and employee volunteers on all aspects of grantmaking
  • Facilitate internal meetings, community forums and planning sessions
  • Communicate with grantees
  • Track grants and periodic grantee reports
  • Follow up with post-grant assessment, site visits and meetings
  • Structure and manage ongoing evaluations

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