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Mobile banking

Bringing Financial Services to the Developing World via Mobile Technology

Jul 31, 2014
The digital revolution has created an exciting opportunity for philanthropists interested in expanding financial services for the poor and addressing issues like hunger. Today more than 2.5 billion people, about half of all adults in the world, do not have access to a bank account. While this number may not seem as important as the 870 million people suffering from chronic undernourishment, financial services are a key aspect of development and can help millions of individuals provide food for their families.Read more ›
Giving USA

We Knew It. Or Did We?

Jun 19, 2014
The latest Giving USA numbers, crunched and created by the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy for the Giving USA Foundation, are out showing continued good news. Giving increased 4.4% to $335.17...Read more ›

Are You Taking the Long View?

Mar 20, 2014
Failing to plan is planning to fail. Undoubtedly you’ve heard that quote before and it’s certainly something that many foundations have in mind when thinking about the future. On the other hand, the...Read more ›