Lisa Spalding

Lisa Spalding

Lisa Spalding works with TPI clients to increase the impact of their giving through strategic planning, facilitation, social issues research, and design and evaluation of philanthropic strategies and initiatives. She is a seasoned facilitator and convener, having led retreats and trainings for a wide range of foundations around the country focused on strategic planning, succession, governance, and evaluation. She has led numerous workshops and trainings on engaging the next generation, the power of family philanthropy, finding a focus, and exploring your legacy.

Prior to joining TPI, Lisa developed and managed community outreach programs for the New England Forestry Foundation. She also worked at the Ecosystem Management Initiative, helping environmental organizations and collaboratives develop evaluation and adaptive management plans. Lisa has ten years of experience working with nonprofit organizations in conservation and environmental education, including the New England Aquarium, Boston. Lisa has a Master’s degree from University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and Environment and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from Oberlin College.